Pajama Party!


It’s an annual tradition here at Miss Amy’s to wear your pajamas all day long, one day in the month of January. You may even bring a special stuffed animal along for the day if you’d like!

Today was a perfect day for a Pajama Party; Outside the snow was falling and  inside it was warm and cozy.

We spent the morning playing, as usual. Before lunch we all watched Stella Luna, the movie and then we ate pizza and had fresh fruit for dessert.

After nap time, the Pajama Party continues with a birthday snack to honor all of our friends who have a winter birthday! Hip-hip-hooray!

We may or may not go outside this afternoon. The sun is looking down on us every now and again from between the clouds…

Wishing you all a great weekend!

– Miss Maria (the 2-year-olds-teacher)


Music Music Music

Every Wednesday we get to enjoy our Music Together class with Miss Janet. Music Together is an international early childhood music and movement program.
We started our new “Bells” song collection for the second half of this school year just a few weeks ago.


We always start with our “Hello” song, this is one of the most favorite songs among my 3 year old class. I have a few that will sing it off and on for the rest of the day. Miss Janet will have different songs, rhythmic chants and  movement activities for us to do, along with using different instruments and props.




Everyone seems to have had a lot of fun today with Miss Janet!

Miss Susie (3’s teacher)

Yoga in Preschool


We have recently added a yoga class to our program and so far we are loving it! Today marked our second class and we are already seeing the benefits. The children thoroughly enjoy attempting the poses and their balance and focus is improving. A lot of the poses our instructor, Miss Victoria, shows them must be done as a team and requires them to trust not only her but their classmates. It is a great form of exercise. I heard even my most active children comment about how hard it was to hold the poses. It was a challenge and they were eager to accept it.

Miss Victoria also teaches a lesson to go along with our yoga poses. Today she started by teaching the children a sun salutation. This went along well with what the children are already learning about winter. We celebrate the light and the dark.


We also read the book , The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle and practiced the Candle Pose. Very Challenging!


We ended our class by taking a imaginary journey through the Rain Forest to find our own rainbow. The children absolutely loved this part. This exercise teaches the children how to calm themselves. I am seeing an improvement in even my most wiggly kids. I cannot wait to see where our yoga journey takes us. Namaste.

Up-cycling Spy Gear

The children often bring their current fascinations and ideas into the atelier to seek space and means to give them form. With spy gear being the rage right now, we spent the morning fashioning binoculars, telescopes, spy watches, spy belts and special spy phones from the cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls and just a bit of string. It is a wondrous thing to watch what they see in the ordinary and discarded….endless, limitless possibilities


bead by bead

With patience,  diligence, and determination, our Reggio kids made melty bead designs for the first time. Each tiny bead was carefully placed in position on the pegboard according to each child’s own design. When the designs were complete, we iron-fused them into permanence. Each creative design is testament to their ever-increasing fine motor skills and focused attention.