We are all different

The best part of my job is getting to know the children that I teach. Each child learns at their own pace. They each have their own learning style. I have to observe them close enough to recognize that style and then put it into practice. It can be a challenge in preschool !

Many of the children in my class are still enjoying working with melty beads. I love to watch them work with these because it takes a lot of skill and concentration.

Some children make a plan before starting. They are very organized, work slowly, and typically enjoy making patterns.


For other children the melty beads are more about bright colors and fun and less about structure . They don’t necessarily have a plan. They grab mounds of beads and see what looks right in the moment.


Two very different approaches to the same task. It might also surprise you to learn the children pictured above are twins! Learning is different for everyone.

Here are a few other pictures of our melty bead projects. Keep in mind some of these took hours to make !





– Miss Amber

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