Valentine Muffins

In preparation for our Valentines Party on Friday, our 2 and 3 year old classes worked together this morning in making “Strawberry/Banana Muffins”. Miss Amy gathered some of the children to read a story first.


After the story everyone was very eager to mix all the ingredients together. So after a real good hand washing everyone found a seat around the table. First they had to prep the strawberries and bananas, first they tried just pounding them (which most enjoyed that method). Then some used a rolling pin,  Miss Amy ask them first what it was and a one child said a “roller”.


The recipe was discussed before the ingredients were added. They used
1 egg, bisquick, sugar, milk, oil, strawberries and bananas. When the milk was added someone said “it looks like a river”.


Everyone had a turn stirring all the ingredients together, as it got close to being all mixed well another child said “it’s getting gooder”!


After Miss Amy poured the batter in the muffin tin everyone counted the to see how many they had made and then they counted all the children to see if we will have enough for everyone tomorrow.


The finished product! Yummy!


Miss Susie


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