What is Love – According to a Preschooler?

What do preschoolers love or really like?
Of course they love their Mom and Dad, their families and their friends, but what else do they love or really like?…


Most preschoolers enjoy a good snack.The children helped to make these tasty banana and strawberry muffins yesterday!


Preschoolers are very artistic and love to draw,  paint or play with play-doh or clay.


Using glue for collage making or just to watch the glue pour onto the paper…


Cutting, learning about your numbers and letters and colors are also something that preschoolers quickly become interested in.


Helping to put up the day of the week or the day’s date on our calendar is also a special activity for our preschoolers.


Racing fast cars or getting to the fire with a fire truck or calling the tow truck, are also well loved games.


Many of our children love to care for our baby dolls and soft animals. Some of our children have their very own soft animal here at Miss Amy’s. Pictured are Bear-Bear and Miss Maria’s raccon slippers.


Right before lunch, the children’s narrative about what they love or really like quickly changed to food.
“I love gooey bars”! “I like broccoli.”
“I like Cheese Doodles.” “I like the normal macaroni.” “I love carrots, but I am almost allergic to them now…”

We would like to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day! Lots of love from all the children at Miss Amy’s!

– Miss Maria


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