Miss Maria’s Color Matching Game.


This is what my color matching game looks like. There are 11 different colors;
Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Brown, Pink, Black, White and Gray.


If you would like to make this game yourself, this is what you will need;

11 plastic containers
11 screws
11 washers
33 color labels; one for each end of the container and one for the bottom of the container, to go on the inside. Easy visibility of all the 11 different colors will help the children to identify what color goes where.
11 keys
11 key rings with corresponding colors.
1 plank of wood. The size of woood will depend on what size containers you chose. I wanted the containers to be attached to something so that they would not get lost or spread out across the room. Miss Amy helped me with this, and she was the one who suggested the wood.


How to play the game;

Each child picks what color they like, or you could gently suggest a color that they need to work on.

The child carries the key with the color key ring with them while you send them off on a color treasure hunt! As they look for objects to collect, they can compare the items they find with the color of the key chain that they are carrying.

Once they have found an object of the same color as their key chain, they take it back to the corresponding container and put the item inside.

The child can repeat this step as many times as he or she likes. The child may want to switch out their key for one with a different color. They may want to work in pairs or a small groups.

You could make this a seasonal game; For Easter you could let the children look for colored eggs, chicks or lambs!

You can let the children look for items around the room or keep items in a large container for them to look through, and make it a color sorting game.


We had a good trial run this morning. I would suggest that you tell the children to collect one item at a time, and bring that item back to the container before they look for the next item. I didn’t inform the children that the item had to fit inside the container,  so during our trial run some children found some rather large items that did not fit. We discussed the color of the large item they had found to see if it was the right color before it was put back where it was found again. Some children found things that were much too large, to heavy to move or simply not portable. We compared these items to the color keys too. There are many ways to play. Perhaps you can find a different way to play, and if you do, please let us know so that we can try it your way too!

Wishing you all a great weekend!

– Miss Maria


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