Easter Egg Hunt

Today was our “Easter Egg Hunt” and what a beautiful day for it. While the kiddo’s were napping the “Easter Bunny” dropped off lots and lots of eggs.


So after nap time and our snack we opened the door and out they went running to find eggs.


They had so much fun. We had some that had their baskets running over with eggs and some that only had a few eggs. There were even a couple that would pick up eggs then throw them back down.


When the 2 and 3 year olds finished Miss Amber’s class came out to find a yard full of eggs also.


They had actually picked earlier in the morning what color of eggs they each would find. This really worked out nicely, I didn’t see anyone get upset because they weren’t finding many eggs.


After all the eggs were found they each got a medal and a bottle of bubbles.


Also today was the first day everyone was able to get on our new grass. They were having a blast, they were rolling all over it as if they had never been on grass before.


Happy Easter everyone!

Miss Susie


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