Rainy Day Play

Well it has been a rainy morning. After music this morning we decided to stay out and play some on the porch.
            We got the bubbles out!


They enjoyed blowing bubbles and then catching them, but if someone popped their bubble they got upset. Jasmine even discovered she could put her finger back up inside the bubble and it didn’t even pop!


We had the chalk out. Leighton was coloring the mortar with blue chalk, he said it was water and the stones were Islands!


They took hula hoops and made a hopping game with them and some even tried hula hooping!


We gave two balls to them, they tried really hard to share. Some did better with sharing than others. They figured out a way to play a game with four of them playing.


We also have a playhouse on the porch. They started out climbing upon it but soon discovered it could be a train!


In spite of all the rain they were able to enjoy their time outside using their imagination!

Miss Susie


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