Composting 101

We are so very excited to start our new composting project this week. As we move forward with our vision of a sustainable school, we have been working hard on our garden, setting up compost bins outside, and talking with the children about all that is involved. They have made posters about composting (green versus brown) and we’ve talked about what food waste is and what food in our lunches is compostable.


Composting is giving us great learning experiences and conversations already: Nutrition (if it isn’t good for our compost, i.e. processed foods and artificial foods, is it good for our bodies?), Math (measuring and weighing our food waste each day), Science (soil composition and decomposition of organic matter), and more and more each day as the children ponder all sorts of questions.

The children were able to set aside their food scraps yesterday and weigh them.  IMG_1021

The food scrap total was 2.2 pounds from 17 lunches. Being able to put it all in a bowl only made the things that went into the trash even more evident. Next, how do we reduce even more waste? Some ideas we talked about included reducing packaged foods, eliminating plastic utensils and more. The kids have proven that being “sustainable” is a way of being mindful of our habits and of our impact on the natural world….the world we depend on to feed, nourish, and nurture us.  AND sustainability can be a whole lot of fun.

–Miss Lori


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