Let’s try this together

It’s so nice to see everyone from our classes work together. I tried to capture a few of their moments from this week.
One of the boys from my class was helping a new friend from Miss Maria’s class work on a puzzle, she loves to work on puzzles almost daily.


Later I found two from my class working together to build a tower using our cardboard blocks. Then it became a challenge, one of our new friends kept running over, knocking the tower down and running off squealing. We finally had to block her from doing this. They had to recruit Miss Jess to help finish the tower once it got too tall for them to add the blocks.


After the tower fell they began to build a fence using the same blocks. The friend that kept knocking the tower down decided she wanted to help them build a fence, they were hesitant at first but gave in and she helped.


This morning while we were outside two from my class worked together to fill buckets and a wagon up with water from our rain barrels. It was a challenge at first between them to let the other help but they were very successful at making it work and amazingly they stayed fairly dry this time!


Have a great weekend!
Miss Susie

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