We had our “Pumpkin Patch” again this year.  We took this opportunity this year to teach the children how to show kindness and gentleness. They took care of the pumpkins for a week, they carried them as if they were babies, they covered them in scarves to protect them, they played games among them. Most of the children were very kind and gentle with the pumpkins. They each picked out their favorite one and took it home.


We chose a pumpkin to take in and carve into a Jack-o-lantern.  We played a game to pick the best design for it. I cut out different shapes and they took turns coming up and sticking the shapes on the pumpkin. They had a fun time doing this they kept wanting to change it.



Then we made our final decision and the winner was….


The next day we did the carving. Not everyone was excited about getting their hands “yucky ” as they were about just sticking the shapes on the pumpkin. But I did have a few that really enjoyed getting the “gunk” out.


As I was gathering my pictures for this post I realized I didn’t have a picture of the finished Jack-o-lantern, it turned out great and we enjoyed it at our Halloween party.

Miss Susie


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