Windy day, hold on, don’t let the kite fly away!

Yesterday was a very blustery day. The skies were very dramatic. Huge billowy clouds in a dark sky. In the morning we went outside to play on our playground. It was so warm that we soon had to shed our coats!

We have had this kite for a very long time but we hardly ever get to fly it! When I realized just how windy it was outside, I thought to myself – kite weather!

Photo credit – Miss Susie.

We had to fly the kite over the fence, because it threatened to hit the children in the head, as it dipped and rose in the gusty winds.

Several of the children wanted to help to fly the kite, so each child took turns holding the kite spool, while I held the kite as high as I possibly could.

The wind gusts came and went. The kite rose and dipped. When there was no wind, we looked around to see where it could be. Sometimes we could see it high up in the crowns of the trees, making the branches sway to and fro. At other times we saw it whipping the sun shades at the farmers market, just across from our playground.

Suddenly the wind was back, lifting our kite into the air!

– Miss Maria, teacher for the 2’s class.



Paper Making and Valentines- Old School Style


This post is two weeks late getting up, but that is February for you at school…snow delays, snow closure, snow-day-only friends at school all lead to a certain chaos that makes sitting down to reflect difficult to impossible. So, here is a bit about our Valentine’s LOVE FEST crafterganza….

Tear, cut, water, blend, pour, sift, squeeze and squeeze and squeeze some more. Ahhh, the process of making our very own handmade paper for handmade valentines. There was so much sound, color and texture in the art room this morning….and glitter, glitter everywhere.


The children blended paper scraps with water, added flower seeds saved from our flower garden, squeezed and formed and squeezed, turned sheets out to dry, decorated the handmade cards with watercolor painted hearts from a prior project, and voila! Each handmade valentine had a tag: “Love, like a seed, grows when planted. Plant this card!”

Of course, LOVE FEST 2016 consisted of other projects:


These pictures are of our valentine candy science. Frozen blocks of baking soda and valentine candies (old school style) became objects for Valentine archaeology. The children used pipettes to drop vinegar on the soda blocks and fingers and tongs to release the candy hearts. This was great fun, but took a little convincing that baking soda and vinegar flavored candy hearts are not too tasty.


There were also the clay and bead hearts for hanging, the old-fashioned heart cut-outs, glitter, glue and stenciling, heart mini-paintings, fingerprint hearts, and heart cookies. The love just went on and on….and still goes on and on around here.