Fields of Flowers

Warm temperatures, sunshine and the arrival March has us all getting dreamy about Spring. Today we painted a field of flowers. This is how it went:

First, I stumbled upon this wonderful gem of a book at the local library-

Art Workshops

And it was instant inspiration for bringing fun group games into the atelier with the kids. We’ve all been itchy to move more, to see bright colors, to feel freer…and the games (as I refer to them to the kids) provided just the right ticket for us today. We started with the workshop “Field of Flowers” in which a group of children followed instructions on painting dots and circles in short snips: “Paint a tiny dot.” Then they traded places and paint pots and we went again, “Paint a circle around a dot,” etc.  I exclaimed the instruction, then “swap!”, and our world music  played in the background and the sun was shining through the windows… It was a good time, albeit brief.

We did this as two groups.

This was our great field of flowers:

Field of Flowers

Some kids didn’t do well following instructions, or struggled to get into the rhythm of paint then swap. I mean, these are four and five year olds. But we were inspired and I look forward to trying more of the activities in Herve’ Tullet’s book.

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