Digging in the dirt and feeling good…

“The sun is shining. The weather is sweet now.”  And so we dig in the dirt at long last.


Nothing is sweeter really, than the smell of fresh turned soil. The children were so excited to do this special work this morning, removing clods of grass and loosening the compact soil with hand trowels and hoes. And we have so much more to look forward to as we begin another exciting season partnering with Appalachian Sustainable Development’s Grow Your Own program.

On another note, the sandbox was the spot for an impromptu  “shipwreck” assembled with the many heavy equipment toys on the picnic table. The beauty of this–


is the intention of a child’s imagination. Where we may only see trucks and dozers for sand play, this child saw an opportunity to bring his current favorite subject–underwater sea treasures–to life.  So, we had a shipwreck sculpture grace the sandbox. All around, a stellar morning.


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