Happening Twos & Threes

There are so many “new” happenings in our two & three class with the focus on new ways of doing old routines. This has the children very excited and ready to learn!




Here are some highlights of our current and upcoming  projects:

  • Counting 1 – 10 in Spanish! Not only Spanish, but we will also be learning to count 1 – 10 in ten different languages!
  • Our indoor fairy gardens are well underway. Wait till you see them! We can’t wait for some fairies to move in. We are hoping they are good and helpful fairies and not mischievous fairies.
  • We have three new sensory & fine motor areas. This is one area where the focus is on counting, sorting. These skills will help the children later on as they begin to flex their mathematical muscles. 

  • The children are working hard to not only get those small muscles moving but we do “big work” or “heavy work” every day. This helps the children make that mind-body connection. 

  • Everybody knows how important music, movement, & art is here at Miss Amy’s. In addition to the Music Together program, we sing and dance daily. We have learned so many new songs! Our favorite new song of the moment is Purple Stew and the children were wondering if the purple stew is real. Can stew REALLY be PURPLE? So, you guessed it, we will be making purple stew soon! 

We will keep you posted on our fairy garden, what languages we are counting in, and all the wonderful projects and collaborative things that we have going on.

Till then, to be continued ~ Miss Micha



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