In preschool holidays are a big deal! Easter is one of my favorite  to celebrate with my class. They are always so excited for the Easter egg hunt. This year is no different. We started our festivities by dyeing eggs. Each year we try to come up with a new approach to egg coloring, this year it was kool aid !  Most of the colors turned out vibrant and the kids absolutely loved the smell!  

We boil a lot of eggs, this is only half!

We gave the children paint shirts and FREEDOM!  Some children chose to drip colors on to their eggs , some kids submerged their eggs, and others poured their dye on. It wasn’t too messy but you could tell those who got in all over from those who didn’t ! 



I noticed most hands were dye free by the next day :). And the eggs? Beautiful! 


We sent them home in tiny nests! 



Our egg hunt will be tomorrow with PLASTIC eggs!  

-Miss Amber