Take Flight 

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it. – Peter Pan

Every year around this time my class becomes obsessed with flight. They talk about it, they try to do it, they draw it. Their entire day seems to become centered around flight.  This year is no different. A lot of my kids this year are more technical, scientific, and hands on as opposed to my class last year that dreamed of fairies and caring for birds.  

Lego planes are quite popular with boys and girls! 


 Our recycled art is taking off too! They have found ways to use old cardboard and marker lids to create planes and space satilights. 



  The block center is being used to make gigantic satelights that are ready for orbit.   

Even the fish aren’t exempt… 


“Miss Amber the fish aren’t swimming they are flying through the water!”

-Miss Amber