I have been giving my class creative ‘writing’ prompts since the beginning of the school year, we call it Morning Message. I pick a different child each day to tell me their message and I write it for them. I started doing this because there was so many random statements at the beginning of circle time. It stayed random for the first couple of months, my kids had the floor to say whatever was on their minds. Then it started to get redundant, everyone started saying, “One day I went…”, so I started giving them more structured prompts to think about. This month’s prompt has been my favorite so far. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I chose  ” I feel lucky when…” .

Here are some responses:
“…I get a new purple toothbrush!” – Erica
“…it’s my birthday!” – Ryan
“…My mom is with me.” – Blake
  “…I go outside and it’s Summer time!” – Lily
“…I go to my mom’s office.” – Raleigh

My students love Morning Message because they have so much to share. The prompts help promote creative thinking and language development. They aren’t thinking about those things though. They just like being heard.
– Miss Amber