Pajama Party!


It’s an annual tradition here at Miss Amy’s to wear your pajamas all day long, one day in the month of January. You may even bring a special stuffed animal along for the day if you’d like!

Today was a perfect day for a Pajama Party; Outside the snow was falling and  inside it was warm and cozy.

We spent the morning playing, as usual. Before lunch we all watched Stella Luna, the movie and then we ate pizza and had fresh fruit for dessert.

After nap time, the Pajama Party continues with a birthday snack to honor all of our friends who have a winter birthday! Hip-hip-hooray!

We may or may not go outside this afternoon. The sun is looking down on us every now and again from between the clouds…

Wishing you all a great weekend!

– Miss Maria (the 2-year-olds-teacher)