Holy Rollies and the Wilderness

It’s Monday and at Miss Amy’s that means “Outdoor Classroom”.  We take a short journey to a nearby park and explore what mother nature has to offer. The children look forward to it and it’s the perfect cure for the Monday blues. We let them guide themselves and try not to intervene too much. Today we brought clay for impression making, their sketch books, pastel chalks, charcoal, pencils, and a bug net.

The park we visit is beautiful but it is far from a jungle or even a forest, but the kids always equate our visits to being in the wilderness. They seem to go into foraging mode almost instantly.


A feather collection is started

The bug net spiked their interests immediately. They caught and observed a firefly, dragonfly, and an earwig.


Then one little boy noticed some decaying wood under a tree. He lifted up the wood and exclaimed, “Look Holy Rollies!”. One of the older kids said, “Do you mean Roly Poly’s ? They like to live under wood!”. The younger boy agreed that that’s what he meant, but for the rest of the day almost everyone referred to them as holy rollies.

-Miss Amber


Snowy day fun.

We have been watching the snow come down from inside Miss Amy’s Child Care and we have tried to catch snowflakes on our tounges outside in our playground. We have made tracks in the snow with our feet and played with snow and ice in our outdoor kitchen. We made snow angels and looked for our sandbox (hidden under all that snow). Where was it? We made snow balls and contemplated why our mittens became wet after having played outside in the snow for a while. Where did the water go and where did the ice come from? We discussed the difference between snow on the ground and falling snow. We designed snowmen and looked hard for snowmen parts – sieves with long handles for the arms and tin buckets for hats as well as sticks and anything else that may look good on a snowman. What does a snowman taste like? Today some of the children decided to find out for themselves by licking one of them! Miss Susie started a game of snow soccer on our snow clad lawn, the children had not lost their touch!

– Miss Maria, teacher for the 2’s class.


This and that…


Here at Miss Amy’s we play with play-doh almost every day. Popular things to make are of course snakes and worms. We have also been making letters and numbers, pizza and cookies.
Pictured are, from top left to right, pizza, a mountain cake and a compass showing “west and north”, according to its creator. The girl who made the pizza told me that I could not eat her play-doh pizza for real. “It doesn’t taste good. It may give you a belly ache. It may even make you go crazy!” These were great advice that I paid close attention to.


These are photos showing the Hobgoblin’s castle.


Blowing bubbles is always fun. Some children become extremely excited!


In the mulch under our Red Bud tree, we have a fairy house that the children are free to play with any way they chose. On this particular day, it was filled with wooden discs that still has the bark attached to them. The children were having a fire and we’re roasting things over it using sticks.


One girl carefully arranged a whole basket full of toy animals. She told me that she was feeding them bugs so that they would not go hungry. When she was done, she said that she had made a zoo.


A girl dressed in a mermaid costume were building a “multi color castle”, those were her exact words. An other child wanted to help her build the castle so I tried to be encouraging, suggesting that some help would be nice. The mermaid clad girl told me that this would not be possible. The castle was “poison” and she was “poison”, therefore only she could touch the castle…


A river made of wooden blocks!


A touch wooden castle with a staircase!


A traffic jam?!


One of a kind: our one and only spinach plant, our only black currant and one wasp.


Flowers growing in our yard!

Wishing everyone a good weekend!

– Miss Maria

A day in the life of a preschool teacher.


Today I fought imaginary fires next to the Fire Chief and I was trusted to carry the fire hose in the back of my school bus.

I was given a lesson in the art of fighting monsters, and afterwards I was presented with half of a magical sword!

I built LEGO airplanes that in the real world would never even have taken off, but which in the imaginary world flew like eagles!

I had exotic pretend sandwiches made with cucumber and cow hide, followed by ‘savage’ cupcakes!

I was told numerous jokes by a little girl on her porcelain throne, because she was so excited about having stayed dry all day long!

I have holes in the knees of my pants, and now you know why.♡

Have a wonderful weekend. Always remember to use your imagination!

– Miss Maria