Preschool Rules According to Four and Five Year Olds


Every morning I like to have breakfast with my class. I enjoy sitting down with them and having conversations with them while they eat. One morning last week they started making up “rules” on how to be a successful preschooler. They  are as follows:
0. Don’t ever swallow a big dog! ( Clifford )
1. Never punch yourself in the eye, on purpose or by accident.
2. Never stick things up your nose.
3. Pinecones are bad, don’t  do anything with them.
4. If your a girl, don’t ever shave your head.
5. Bricks are not for eating.
6. Don’t kiss spiders.
48. You shouldn’t eat the hair off your head.
81. Lasers don’t belong in  your eyes.
85. Don’t eat snakes.
81,004. Never swallow a bumble bee.
Infinity. Don’t eat an octopus.
Infinity and two. Glass is dangerous.
Infinity and 89. Don’t cut your hair with scissors made of glass, it could get ugly.

– Miss Amber