Snowy day fun.

We have been watching the snow come down from inside Miss Amy’s Child Care and we have tried to catch snowflakes on our tounges outside in our playground. We have made tracks in the snow with our feet and played with snow and ice in our outdoor kitchen. We made snow angels and looked for our sandbox (hidden under all that snow). Where was it? We made snow balls and contemplated why our mittens became wet after having played outside in the snow for a while. Where did the water go and where did the ice come from? We discussed the difference between snow on the ground and falling snow. We designed snowmen and looked hard for snowmen parts – sieves with long handles for the arms and tin buckets for hats as well as sticks and anything else that may look good on a snowman. What does a snowman taste like? Today some of the children decided to find out for themselves by licking one of them! Miss Susie started a game of snow soccer on our snow clad lawn, the children had not lost their touch!

– Miss Maria, teacher for the 2’s class.



Winter Wonderland

It has been quite snowy in Virginia lately. Most of the public schools have been called off for nearly two weeks, but we’ve been trucking along at Miss Amy’s ! The children absolutely love the snow and we have been venturing out as much as possible. This is possible because each child brings appropriate clothing: snow pants/bibs, waterproof gloves, snow boots, and warm coats, and hats.


Helping the children put on all of their winter wear is no easy task, but it’s worth it. We have a blast !

Teaching 4 and 5 year olds to sled is one of my favorite parts of winter!



There might have been a little well a lot of snow eating !


– Miss Amber